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Friday, June 17, 2005

Tom Fontana Answers My Question

Recently I was surfing online and I came across a link to something related to Tom Fontana, the writer and creator of Oz and writer of other shows like St. Elsewhere and Homicide:Life on the Street.

It triggered something in my mind. I remember seeing some profile on Fontana and his headquarters somewhere in the West Village, I think. He went into his writing process and how he creates characters. I couldn't remember the content of the questions so I e-mailed him. I thought it was an amusing and helpful approach;

William -

Head, heart, balls: "How does he/she think? What does he/she believe? Feel? Who does he/she want to fuck?"

Hope that helps!

Tom Fontana

Human nature, gotta love it.

You can find his personal website here.


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