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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Creative Marketing Or The Seventh Sign Of The Apocalypse?

I saw the film Layer Cake at the last Tribeca Film Festival. It was a solid British crime drama with capable acting but there was something that bothered me about it. It opens with a dream-like sequence where the protagonist goes into how one day drugs are going to be so available it will be like going to the store. Visually, we are seeing him walk through a designer store where all products are marked up with FCUK boxes and various drugs of choice under the brand name. FCUK Heroin, FCUK Cocaine, you get the idea. I mean, the fact that FCUK already conjures up the word FUCK is beside the point. Are studio films becoming one big commercial?
NPR goes into how advertisers and studios are trying real hard to unscrew our lids and fill our heads with all sorts of products...here's a thought, make better films to get people in those seats.


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