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Monday, May 16, 2005

IFILM And Other Options

I am currently playing with the idea of making my short film, "The Face of the Earth" available via the net or to purchase as a DVD. My options would be to use a service like IFILM or the Google Video Upload Program which I am investigating right now. The way IFILM works is you send them your film via DVD or tape, pay for the period it will be available on the internet (3 months or a year) and they upload it onto their site for the world to see. Google is similar except you have the option of charging people to view it. The other option is to make it available from this blog. So my question to you, the reader is, would you purchase a DVD if it was offered here? If there is interest I'll post the results of this little poll and post them on this savage art...that's if there are any results to post.
Here is some information on my film;

Logline: An edgy, visceral journey that briefly explores a dysfunctional friendship between two working class men and the overwhelming personal loss that haunts them both.

The film was shot here in NYC on location in the Bronx and Queens in the summer of 2003. I've gotten much good feedback from the screenings I have had and especially from a well respected actor (who shall remain nameless) who described it as a "very moody and beautifully shot film". It was also described as "dark and disturbing" by the Arlene's Grocery Picture Show. It's running time is 18:45.

Basically, the money from purchase of the DVD would go towards the cost of the film which I am still paying off. If there is anything left over, I will put it towards the next project.

Check out the trailer under "Works". You will need a Quicktime Player which you can download for free.


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