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Monday, May 23, 2005

Kodak Event Update

I actually did attend this event (see below) on Saturday. I was extremely caffeinated. A fatty at Starbucks and then more at the event. It started at 8:30am and went until about 1:00pm. I have to say Kodak does a good job. Nice spread. Anyway, a brief overview of what served to be a very technical presentation;

It seems that digital intermediate are the big buzzwords in film post-production right now. I was introduced to the term a few years back at an IFP Market event. Here is a reference to what the process is. In short, the film negative is scanned at it's original resolution and brought onto a databank for further manipulation. The first real documented use of this process for an entire film was for O Brother, Where Art Though? in 2000. Leon Silverman from Laser Pacific went into great detail about a system that Kodak has developed called the Kodak Look Manager System. It allows the user to emulate different film looks via a software application. This will work great for cinematographers and filmmakers to really pinpoint a look they are going for by experimenting with different film stocks, filters, gels and shooting condition variables. It also makes it easier for the studio to actually "see" what the final print will look like. It is accompanied by the Kodak Display Manager System, an application that calibrates your monitor so you are seeing an accurate simulation of your chosen look.

Then the discussion went into case-by-case film workflows. One of the speakers, Matthew Libatique spoke of his work on Never Die Alone and She Hate Me. I have been an admirer of his collaborations with Darren Aronofsky and originally went to the event for his words of wisdom. I got a little face time with the guy and I said I was looking forward to his new film The Fountain. He replied, "Me too". Later, I sheepishly slipped him a DVD and asked him for some feedback. He smiled and walked away with a look on his face like I might be a stalker. Oh well, gotta give it a shot.


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