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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Okay, What's With The Blog?

I have to say I was little hesitant to go down this road considering the pure volume of information out there in the blogosphere is overwhelming. I mean, c'mon. How much time do you actually have that you're going to describe to us in detail how you "went to the supermarket to buy cat food"?
This blog is about filmmaking and everything that that entails. Screenwriting, technical info on the latest digital hardware, film festivals etc. Whatever I encounter that I think will help me and everyone out there trying to get films made, I will post. It's also a place where I can put info on screenings I might be having with my films, developments with my writing and connections I am making in the industry. A kind of progress report. A place to connect with an audience.

So enjoy and tell me what you think....


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