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Friday, June 17, 2005

Big Thanks All Around

I woke up a little bleary eyed this morning to find a pleasant surprise. No, not a message from Jane Rosenthal and Bobby D on my answering machine but some praise from Dave Anaxagoras over at Man Bytes Hollywood.

Dave has been extremely helpful with the technical aspects of blogging along with all questions related to screenwriting. I found this very generous especially coming from a guy whose pressure cooker lifestyle finishing two original screenplay drafts in order to graduate from the MFA program at UCLA left him with no time. Just by reading his blog I felt the stress. I don't know how he found the time but thanks again Dave. It goes back to my theory that the truly talented are not stingy with their talent. So right back at cha, guy!

Also a thanks to everyone who visits the site. I hope to keep everything current and helpful. I found a community among fellow bloggers, some full blown professional screenwriters and some aspiring. The blogosphere is the here and now. Books can give you information but this is an open dialogue with others who have been there or who are going there. No matter how you cut it we are all here to make films. this savage art... is geared for the writer/director because it is what I am striving for. A dying breed in my eyes. It's important for me to keep my skills sharp, grow and build relationships and this is part of that process. Right now I'm focusing on writing but hopefully I will go into other phases of development in the near future.

Again, thanks to everyone.


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