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Wednesday, June 08, 2005


So I'm coming out of a two day funk. Every once in a while all the rushing and trying to accomplish many tasks at once catches up with me and I crash. I can't function. Paralysis. I think the clinical term is called depression. Between feeling really good about the progress I'm making with the screenplay outline, planning for a big editing project in a couple of weeks, no television for at least three weeks (dead…had to ship it out to Sony today), having to drop $1,800 on a new deck for my editing suite. It’s art vs technology. Art vs commerce. Right brain vs left brain (I work as an editor under the company name Right Brain Edit…ohhh the irony). That, on top of the anxiety of working out some details with the research for the screenplay (to be addressed in a post at a later date). It all came to a head. When I get to this point everything is useless. Gym, work, everything. Can’t focus. I reedited the I Need Sleep post probably 15 times. I just need to sleep it off and start fresh. I got a grip though...

Today I upgraded Omni Outliner, this great program that comes with all recent Mac purchases. I created a screenplay outline template a while ago (actually, Bill True gave me a Word breakdown that I morphed into my own creation which he probably wouldn’t even recognize at this point). It really helped me dismantle my old screenplay and keep me on track. I feel like I have new tools that I didn’t have a few months ago, right around the time when I started this blog. Did some work. Got refocused. Tomorrow is a new day.

Ohhh yeah, The Machinist DVD I went on about, just got it in the mail today. Yes!

Now I just need a fucking television!!!


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