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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Mamet On My Birthday

Yeah, so Friday I turned 38. Reflections? I am a very nostalgic person by nature. Even my memories of the most horrific moments of my life make me look back with the fond reflection of someone who escaped the lava flow at Pompeii and didn't become one of those statue people. Sure, I bitch like everyone does. I wish I had enough F you money to privately finance my own projects and deal with none of this starving artist bullshit. Truth is, I have a good life with a great woman who supports what I do. That's a lot to ask for and I got it. Her gift to me was to take me out to dinner, my choice, and to see the stage production of Glengarry Glen Ross. I was dying for BBQ so we went to this place, Spanky's near the theater. Good BBQ. In fact too good. I always need a nap after BBQ like that and now I had to hear Mamet's words coming out of the mouths of this stellar cast. I've seen the film a number of times which is a part of my DVD collection. The play is a different animal from the same species. It is a before and an after. Before the break in of this purgatory that is a real estate office and after. The film fills in the blanks a little more. The film's setting, New York. Brooklyn I think. Not that it matters, it could be any large city. The play, Chicago. That's where we come in. Accents thick, dialogue chewed up and spit out. Mamet truly at the top of his game. This is the one he will be remembered for, taking the baton from Arthur Miller. All the bile and desperation still kept intact from this very capable cast, Liev Schreiber, Alan Alda, Jeffrey Tambor, Frederick Weller, Tom Wopat and Jordan Lage. This isn't a review just an acknowledgement that profound work does exist, you just have to find it.

Thank you for the gift Linda.


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