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Sunday, June 12, 2005

The Woman In The Edit Room

Whenever I feel like I've wandered too far from home and I need a shot in the arm from an old neighborhood friend I go see Marty. He's the guy that will tell me when I'm acting like a pretentious asshole and when I need to shut the fuck up and just do it.

I look at something like Raging Bull and I understand what ignited that fire that made me want to make films in the first place. Perusing his body of work is like listening to the Led Zeppelin catalog. His films are a collection of great rock and roll songs. They have longevity, they make you feel alive and you remember where you were when you first saw them, at least for me. A big part of why they have that power is because of one woman. Most of Scorsese's cinematic visions are shared with a pair of eyes that he has trusted on nineteen films including his current production, The Departed. The stellar editor, Thelma Schoonmaker speaks of her experiences with Scorsese in this NPR interview.


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