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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

4 Hours, No Bathroom Breaks

I watch Entourage on HBO. It's fun and the writing is smart. In the last episode the rising star actor Vincent Chase is about to sit down and watch his breakout out role in the fictional film, "Queens Boulevard" at the Sundance Film Festival (it was actually shot the same week it was going on this year). The director of the film, freaking out, blurts out that the film is 4 hours long. "This is my Deer Hunter".

In this time when we are gearing up to watch movies on our cell phones and attention spans are shrinking to gnat sized proportions could you sit through a 4 hour film? Submit your answer below, results are immediate.

Would you sit through a 4 hour film?
Absolutely, art is art no matter what the length.
Maybe. I would give it a chance but if it wasn't working I'm outta there.
That's 4 hours of my life! No way!
Can I stand?



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