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Sunday, July 24, 2005

G-Tech Saves The Day

I've had so many issues with video technology it makes my head spin. When I bought my G5 system over a year ago, right out of the box I had to send the entire system back because of some issue I was having with the monitor.The most recent piece of equipment I bought for my editing workstation was a Sony DSR-11 deck I got from B&H here in NYC. Right out of the box it ate a DVCAM tape. These were Sony tapes! Sony didn't want to help, B&H, forget it. It ended up going to a repair shop and having the tape extracted manually. A brand new deck! I don't even want to talk about my iBook.

This entry is for one of those rare occasions where I praise a manufacturer for their practices. I purchased a G-Tech 500 GB RAID drive for my system about 7 months ago and I have nothing but good things to say about it. With a PCI card and a Firewire 800 cable you are ready to go into your edit blazing. Great real-time video streaming. Recently, I heard a grinding noise. Not good. Not good at all. In fact, scary. I posted an entry on Creative Cow, an excellent professional resource for all things video and web realated. In the G-Tech forum I posted my issue with the drive and got an answer the very next day. Now listen up all you manufacturers, this is how you treat a customer. Nick Kromer, the forums G-Tech rep, called me up at my home and offered to send me a brand new drive to swap out for the old one. It's part of their 2 year warranty. This is how it's done people. Build a great product and thank the people for making your business grow by giving them great support. I should be receiving my drive by the end of the week. A big thanks to everyone over at G-Tech.

You can link to their site here.


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