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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Give Me A Leonard Cohen Afterworld

Stark and pure.

Gus Van Sant is a filmmaker who has taken a shellacking in the press over the years both from film snobs and the mainstream media alike. A frame-for-frame remake of Hitchcock's Psycho didn't win him any new fans and confounded the old ones. When I was a young film student, devouring everything I could get my hands on, I came across Mala Noche on PBS. It was the only way you could see this gritty, 1985 film. I was blown away. So raw, so much promise. He is still responsible for one of my favorite films to date, Drugstore Cowboy. Yes, he has made some questionable choices but I think he is still that uncomprimising filmmaker whose work I found so captivating back in the day. I have yet to see Last Days, it's U.S. limited release is July 22nd. I guess I just have high hopes for it. Filmbrain found it "uneven" but added "the desire to see it again grows stronger".

Addition: The New York Times does a profile of the filmmaker and the film. Go here.


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