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Friday, August 12, 2005

Film Threat Reviews The Face Of The Earth

Film Threat recently reviewed my short film, The Face of the Earth. It was a fair evaluation of my efforts. The following is a response to the review from Doug Brunell.

Spoiler Warning: Some of the following eludes to the content of the film. It can be downloaded for viewing on the sidebar.

I suggest you see the film if you haven't already, read the review and then come back here for the response or just go back to what you were doing before you came here.


I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to review my short film, "The Face of the Earth". I thought it was an honest review and probably one of the more thought provoking opinions of my film I've heard. Everything you said about the film has been said before and here is why; it's true, there is an incompleteness to it and that is because it is incomplete. As you probably know filmmaking is one of the more brutal tasks that someone can take on. I found this particularly so first hand with my film. I wore many hats just to get it made and micromanaged everything to make sure all my bases were covered. Even with my herculean efforts it was not enough. From the film you saw, I'd say about a quarter of the script I wrote for it was never shot. So when you say you are looking for more characterization, that's where your characterization is, still on those pages. I'm not one to disclose this information before viewing the film because I believe a film should be judged for what it is and not what it isn't. Maybe this sheds some light on the flawed nature of the film you spoke of. In the scripts entirety I never tried to explain the "why" but I did go into who these guys were and what possibly led them to this place.

Thanks for the kind words about a bright future. I learned so much on that film I believe my next efforts will hopefully live up to your expectations.


william speruzzi


Thanks for your letter. It was so nice not to get a death threat for once.

One of the more painful things is watching a movie you know can be excellent but due to various restraints, falls a bit short of the goal. I truly think you are writer/director to keep an eye on, and I feel that you will only get better with each and every project.

You know, one of the major complaints I have about filmmaking in this country is that filmmakers -- true artists (not the Hollywood entertainers) are given zero respect. From an artistic standpoint, that can just totally deflate one's will to even attempt to make a film, but there is a bigger problem there, too. This lack of respect also equals lack of money, lack of time, and lack of skilled help. If you aren't making "Bad Boys 3," you aren't making anything worth watching. So what happens? Independent films suffer. Now some deserve to suffer. I've seen more than my share of utter failures that had nothing to do with how American society treats films. But a good percentage of the indie films out there suffer solely because of majority attitudes toward them.

If you had more time, money and help, you could have perhaps got your entire vision on the screen. As it stands, you had to compromise. The entire reason I think you are one to watch is because you knew what you could compromise in order to make the film work. That can't be said for many people.

Thanks for making the film, and keep doing what you do. It'll pay off someday ... hopefully. -Doug

Read my column, "Excess Hollywood," at: Film Threat


Blogger William said...

I will have to go on record and defend my actors James Morricone and Jack Caruso for their perfomances. I thought they brought so much to the table and were very professional.

12:24 PM  

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