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Friday, September 23, 2005

Dramatic Writing Workshop: Day 2

Michael Lombardi as Michael Silletti aka "Probie" on Rescue Me

So this was the day of introductions. "Hi, my name is Monkey Brains and I am a hack writer/director who needs to be weighted down with an anvil long enough to finish anything due to this affliction called ADD that I wholly blame on the internet". Around the circle, this is my name and this is my project. You get the picture. Like I mentioned before, I'm the new guy. The probie if you're into Rescue Me. About a dozen or so in the Thursday night workshop. When it got to me I freaked out. I had a total meltdown. Maybe it was not being in this kind of vunerable situation for such a long time. Maybe just the usual fears of being a fraud. I felt sick to my stomach. So what occured next will be no suprise. Two tables joined together with tables all around I was centered outside the gap between them. I couldn't keep it together and when it was my turn to speak up I just gagged and well, without going into too much detail, released. Let's just say I was totally mortified and will not be returning next week or the week after that.

Gotcha! It didn't go down like that but maybe one day it will. Everyone went through the projects they will be working on. I'm working on a short and The Face of the Earth. I have committed to reading a draft of the short on October 20th. I'll make sure I don't eat anything before class.


Blogger Steven Boone said...

Glad you left a comment on my blog, or else I might not have come across yours. Good stuff, man. Your words about Cable Hogue have me dying to see it soon. Keep up the good work.--Steve

12:49 AM  

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