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Monday, September 19, 2005

Plugs And Podcasts All Around, I'm Buying

It's not breaking news that podcasting is becoming big. I heard about it around six months ago. It's a great way to get your info out there and have a personal connection with an audience. How funny is that? Technology advances at the speed of light and podcasting brings us back full circle to the early days of radio which is now essentially dying as we speak. Gotta love it.

Anyway, I came across this one podcast that I've been listening to called the 2B Pictures Filmmaking Podcast produced by independent filmmakers Michael & Michele Bekemeyer. I just got done listening to the most recent one that illustrates the job and responsibility of the director. They could probably do about twenty podcasts on this subject alone. Go check it out for tips, thoughts and techniques on independent filmmaking. It also mentions this savage art... and my short, The Face of the Earth which is always nice.

A couple of other podcasts on the block are Filmmakers Pod and Creative Screenwriting Magazines Podcast. Both cover different areas in the filmmaking process but do it equally well with much to learn all around.

To add, there is a new section on the sidebar for podcasts that will probably grow over time. You can download these podcasts via the site or if you have the most recent version of iTunes there's a whole section on podcasting. For more info on podcasting in general go here.


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