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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Television Spec Writing

I'm trying something and I'm not sure why but it is a fun experiment. Well, actually I am sure why. I'm trying to write a spec script for the HBO show Entourage. Why that show? I don't know maybe it's the juvenile delinquent in me? Maybe it's that I don't really watch any episodic network television whatsoever much less have a desire to write for it? A great article in the Times on why television will always be best compared to a Big Mac.

If you go over to Complications Ensue you will see what a small match can do to start a big fire with regards to this subject. You probably will also see a link or two recommending that it's a bad idea. Oh well, I never took the easy road so why start now. I've gone on record saying that the writing on the show is smart and fun. Now I'm going to attempt to be smart and fun on my own and run with the tone and characters of an established show. Something new for me. Mainly, I'm doing this as a writing sample and a possible way to get representation. Also because I think I can write the show. I can imagine how hard it is to land a staff position on a television show in Los Angeles much less New York so I'm not dillusional in thinking that I will get a call from Doug Ellin anytime soon. You need to be in the know with the writers and the showrunner by way of an internship and even that is a bitch. The thing about it is I'm having a good time writing these characters that I've watched for two seasons, season two just ending on Sunday. So who knows? I don't anticipate it taking a bulk of my time. Next week the writing workshop that I'm thinking about taking begins so I will be focusing on Where Are You Seventeen?. As soon as someone over there can contact me on how they can take my money maybe I'll feel a little more committed!!!

For this little excercise, I'm just having fun. It should be fun, shouldn't it?


Blogger Warren said...

Good for you. I love this show, and have been thinking about writing a spec for it too. The thing is, I believe that an Entourage spec it's considered a sample for sitcom jobs, since it's a half-hour show. But it feels more like a one-hour, single-camera dramedy. I'd love to write for the latter type of show, but couldn't write a Two and a Half Men to save my life.

Anyway, let us know how it turns out.

8:36 PM  
Blogger William said...

The dialogue on Entourage is sharp, witty and choppy. It has that "what-the-fuck-is-going-on" factor as previously stated by Assistant/Atlas. I just feel I have a couple of good spec storylines in me along with a solid grip on who these guys are. This and maybe Rescue Me. I like that "sad/funny/tragic/acerbic" humor anyway not the "okay, this is the part where everyone is supposed to laugh" funny. I can see the sitcom job thing as just another funny turn my career could take. I don't even live in LA. What the fuck, right? When you got nothing, ya know...I'm just trying to write outside of my dark, sometimes tragic little box. It's a nice breath of fresh air that feels like sanity right now.

11:03 PM  

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