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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

2929 Entertainment Unveils Truly Indie

Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner's company 2929 Entertainment spin off with Truly Indie to offer an alternitive to the broken distibution model that has plagued so many independent filmmakers.

Truly Indie will enable theatrical distribution funded by filmmakers themselves, mainly through 2929's Landmark Theaters, the country's biggest arthouse theater circuit. Offering a twist on the service deal model, a filmmaker pays an up front fee that covers all distribution costs (marketing, advertising, and publicity). Securing a one-week run in at least five markets (or as many as twenty markets), the filmmaker keeps 100% of box office receipts and retains all rights to their film.

I have to say Wagner and Cuban are making some bold moves in the world of filmmaking and distribution. It's a gamble and I'm a gambling man so I'm keeping my eye on how this all unfolds. Hollywood might want to also because if all of 2929's new enterprises blow up they will be looking to xerox the blueprints.

Check here to read more.


Blogger Tim Clague said...

I think the more different models of distribution the better. If you believe in your film this way might work. But you'd have to do a lot of publicity as well. Worth trying though isn't it. Distribution is so locked down and old-fashioned. But with on-line viewing happening soon distributors need to change gear - and quickly!

Tim Clague
My Blog

2:28 PM  

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