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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

County Of New York Pays For Screenplay Development

My new adventure this week was jury duty. I postponed the last time around to do an editing gig so here I was spending two days in a holding pen waiting for my name to be called. Seems like the County of New York couldn't get their shit together because Day One consisted of drinking coffee, reading Linda Seger's book, Making A Good Script Great, being entertained by a great stand-up/jury clerk named Walter (thanks for making the time go a little quicker) and going over my outline for Where Are You Seventeen? I've been away from it for a while and now I'm ready to dive back in full force except after going over my outline I realized how disconnected I was from my own material. It kind of freaked me out because the last time around I was INTO the story. Creating an entirely new outline made sense and it worked except perusing it this time around made me see some holes, things were not coming together.

By Day Two I felt like I was getting closer to the original narrative thread I had but I have to say I was shook up by how lost I was. More coffee, more stand-up except not from Walter. A new clerk announced this morning that all the computers were down due to a water leak. After about two hours the repair wasn't coming together like they expected so we all got dismissed. I'm off the hook for a couple of years and $80 bucks richer. Whooo hooo!!! Thanks County of New York.


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