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Monday, November 07, 2005

Declare Your Independence

Not everyone knows who the Polish Brothers are. They are responsible for making quirky, sometimes surreal films that have slipped under the radar in a world filled with bombast. Films that have starred the likes of solid talent like James Woods and Nick Nolte. I have only seen Northfork and found it to be a deliberately, well crafted film. From these twins comes a book that follows an already stacked section of how-to's on filmmaking. The Declaration of Independent Filmmaking, written by the Polish brothers, does something different. It doesn't try to sell you the withered, false dream and generally bad advice of making a film financed by the selling of your home. That method, while admirable, will serve no one, especially the filmmaker. The book also seems to counteract the thought that a $7,000 film is all you need to make it in the biz. That was a great marketing trick but anyone who knows anything knows it takes a LOT of work and planning. This book takes a real world approach to making films without studio money by example, all coming from credited filmmakers. I'm not praising it because I haven't read it yet but I have just ordered the book and will do a review on this savage art.... In the meantime you can check this review and go rent their films.

Related: I just got it in the mail after ordering it last night. Damn that was fast! Thanks Amazon!


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