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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

New Self-Distribution Pilot Program

Yesterday, IFC Entertainment announced that it was going to release a group of at least 24 films theatrically and on demand -- day and date -- this year under the new distribution banner First Take. Later this week 2929 Entertainment will be launching Steven Soderbergh's Bubble in the theater and on DVD along with screenings on HDNet.

With this being the week that cracks the present distribution model in half, let's add one more log to the fire. Withoutabox, the online film festival submission service, announced the launch of The Distribution Lab,
"a new program that will offer a suite of services to support filmmakers who plan to release their films themselves in various ways, including theatrical, DVD and on demand distribution. As part of the new program, participants will have access to ticketing, catalog management, accounting and online social networking and marketing solutions. A plan to offer DVD fulfillment and download distribution is also in the works."
I have used Withoutabox and if these future services are up to par with it's bread and butter service it could be a good thing for filmmakers around the world.


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